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Google goggles for the Android

Earlier today, Google Labs released the Google Goggles application for their Android operating system, i.e., for running on Android-powered smart-phones. Goggles allows users to search the Web using images as input; it allows users to perform a visual search with little effort. Once the application has been downloaded and installed taking a photo with the phone’s camera allows users to instantly obtain information about the imaged object via the application automatically performing a search online using the traditional Google search engine.

Users can take photos of books, CDs, and artwork to get more info about pricing, e.g., on Amazon, or additional information about the author, musician or artist. The application also comes equipped with Optical Character Recognition which means that it can automatically extract information from a business card and add it to one’s personal contacts. Moreover, Goggles can recognize landmarks and using a phone’s GPS and compass augment a live video with information about local businesses that are in view.

I don’t know how well the application works but it looks awesome in the promotional video below. Considering that Google Goggles is still a Labs application, I suspect that even if it doesn’t work perfectly now it won’t be long before it does. I wonder if Google will also port Goggles to the iPhone(see also a similar but more restrictive application for the iPhone called Nearest Tube.)

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