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KUKA robot versus Tim Boll

First, robots defeated man in chess.

Second, robots defeated man in the game of Jeopardy.

Third, robots proved to man that they can be better drivers.

Now, they will get the chance to best man in the game of ping pong. I saw it coming a mile away!

So, industrial robot manufacturer KUKA will be hosting a table tennis match between their KR AGILUS robot arm and puny human champion Timo Boll. The purpose of the exhibition is to celebrate the opening of a new robot factory, or so they say! We all know that the robots are finally coming out of the closet and after embarrassing humans in tasks of intellect, will now also demonstrate their superior physical abilities. All, jokes aside, however, the trailer looks pretty cool (see it below) and the game will be broadcast live on March 11th. You can watch it here.

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