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on junto, élan, Kosmic synchronicity, and movement cartography

“We are at a critical point in human history, where as a globally interdependent society, we must learn how to lower these barriers, share information, collaborate, and cocreate value in new ways.” @VenessaMiemis

Junto logo.jpgLearning how to learn that, and sharing what I learn, is what I’ve been dedicating my life to since the mid-80’s. Reading the overview of junto’s concept, philosophy, and components, I felt my heart full of joy and gratitude to the collective wisdom and expertise of the junto group, and to Venessa for her buildership  and eloquent articulation of what is needed to accelerate collaborative learning, locally and globally.

In the junto concept, I found the most practical and feasible expression of a web-enabled, emergent system for boosting our collective intelligence that became a matter of our survival and thriving as a species.
I see the élan project (that went through many iterations since I conceived it in 2005) as a sister, contributor and user of junto. Naming and appreciating the differences, we may discover the true potential for synergy between the two projects. They have two strongly complementary questions:

Venessa is asking, “How do we go from theory to practice, and amplify the power of networks?” The emphasis seems to be on connecting the unconnected in terms of people, ideas, and conversations.

élan is asking, how do we go from practice to theory to, and amplify the power of connected social movements for transition to a new civilization. Social innovation of significance is happening on the edge and in the white space between those movements. Intelligent maps linked with a pattern language of their practices worth replicating are needed to let the whole ecosystem become holoptical,  i.e.: to let the parts see each other and the whole, and vice versa, which is a condition of the ecosystem’s self-awareness. Moving from theorizing the living praxis of individual movements to discover the larger frameworks that connect hem, our world in transformation will start making more sense.

The yet-to-discover combinations of junto and élan should help with that sense making. I intend to stay in full engagement with the junto community, while continuing, with the élan group, the building of momentum for increasing connectivity across the practitioners of the various arts of transformation facilitation and the social and thought movements on the edge.

Those movements include (but definitely not limited to) movements for protecting and strengthening global and local commons, transition networks, sustainability movement, bright greens, evolutionaries, conscious computing, integral aficionados, Women on the Edge of Evolution, Spiral Wizards and meshworkers, collaborative consumption movement, ethical economy, Complementary currencies, etc. Compassionate Action Network, Evolver, etc.
Do you start seeing what good maps of this ecosystem could enable? If yes, please share it in the comments below.

As Ken Wilber reminds us “we live in extraordinary times, in which the leading edge of culture is arising at the exact moment issues of a global scale are impacting our planet.” He refers to this as Kosmic synchronicity—a problem presents itself and a solution arises to deal with it. Listen to what he ahs to say about it, here.

We know a lot about the problems. It’s time to amplify the power of the movements that work on the solutions, by increasing their collective consciousness and intelligence that good maps can help with. If you have a passion and knack for becoming a movement cartographer, let us know.

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