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Robotics To Remove the Need for Surgeons

Studies have begun at Duke University to see if robots can locate a lesion and take multiple samples from it without the need for human intervention. The researchers think that it is a possibility that with further work on the technology, robots could be used for more complex surgery.

Kaicheng Liang, a former student under Stephen King stated that “ Earlier this year we demonstrated that a robot directed by artificial intelligence can on its own locate simulated calcifications and cysts in simulated breast tissue with high repeatability and accuracy.”
The results of this research feature in the current issue of ‘Ultrasonic Imaging’. Simulated breast tissue was used in the form of Turkey breasts, as it is well known in the field, that this tissue most closely represents human tissue.
The Robot arm used ultrasound collecting data from it’s scan and locating it’s target. The robot is controlled purely by AI and no human interaction – a real breakthrough for researchers. Researchers believe that biopsies will be performed in the future with limited human intervention making it a real possibility as a cost effective alternative.


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