A Superstar Sequencer from Sixty Four Pixels!

A new release from Sixty Four Pixels is always worth checking out, more so now than ever with the release of a revolutionary device the music world has been calling out for! The Noodlebox Serendipity Sequencer is a tabletop powerhouse loaded with features, functions and performance options to satisfy everyone from the most casual musicians to the multiplying modular magicians!

In short, the Noodlebox is a four part sequencer, with extensive functions to send MIDI and CV signals – making it simple to interface with conventional music equipment and eurorack setups. Each part has four pages of up to 32 steps and the ability to chain sections to make patterns of up to 128 steps – in a fun and intuitive way. Its chunky user interface has been lovingly developed for smooth, immediate and easy-to-understand control, allowing for a flow state of musical creation within minutes.

Sequence notes, trigger samples, and automate parameters from one place, with seamless switching between sections and the ability for various data streams to intertwine and mutate each other in harmony!

Check out the Sixty Four Pixels Tindie store, which features a world of musical devices which reside in some of the biggest studios in the world. Jeremy from Red Means Recording recently got his hands on one and here’s what he had to say: