Apple Arcade game developers talk about experience with Apple

A trio of developers that had their games recently appear on Apple Arcade have suggested how their games are a good fit for the subscription service, and their initial dealings with the company.

Since its launch, Apple Arcade has regularly made additions to its roster of games, with the list including quite a few titles from well-established developers. In interviews, the developers behind three games added to the service in August explained how being part of Apple Arcade changed development as well as hinting at why Apple elected to sign them up.Jake Hollands, a developer of “Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows,” told TechRadar the game was intended to be an indie title before publisher Devolver Digital talked to Apple. By being able to do without microtransactions, the game design changed to make it a more seamless experience, one without the typical advertising or prompts to buy in-game currencies.

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