Apple Card mislabels AT&T bill as ‘Waters, Hardy & Co’, confusing users

Mislabeling a transaction is a big deal when you are Apple.

What you need to know

  • Apple Card has mislabeled customer’s AT&T bill as Waters, Hardy & Co, an accounting firm.
  • The error has caused hundreds of calls to the firm, who eventually turned off their phones.
  • According to cardholders, Apple is aware and working to fix the issue.

Reported by MacRumors, Apple Card users are getting confused when finding a transaction from “Waters, Hardy & Co” on their credit card statement. Oddly enough, it appears that the transactions are actually from AT&T and not an occurrence of widespread fraud.

According to the report, the issue is very new, only starting to show on the transaction history for Apple Card users yesterday. Unfortunately for Waters, Hardy & Co, this mislabeling prompted so many calls to their offices that they had to shut their phone lines down.

The problem appears to have started at some point yesterday, with tax preparation service Waters, Hardy & Co receiving hundreds of phone calls from confused customers. In a Facebook post, the company said that it had received so many calls from Apple Card owners that its phones had to be turned off.

One Apple Card customer experienced the issue firsthand and, according to Waters, Hardy & Co, Apple is to be blamed for their name being mislabeled for AT&T.

MacRumors reader Kyle alerted us to the problem. He found an incorrect merchant charge for “Waters, Hardy & Co” listed in the Wallet app, which was actually his bill from AT&T. He contacted the company and received a voice recording with a message that said Apple had incorrectly listed Waters, Hardy & Co as the merchant for the AT&T charges.

According to the customers who were affected and Waters, Hardy & Co, both were assured by Apple that the company was working to resolve the issue.