Apple Maps cars use LiDAR, Mac Pro to capture street data

Details of the working practices for drivers of Apple’s fleet of mapping vehicles have been revealed, showing how the company’s cars capture 3D data for Apple Maps and for training its self-driving vehicle systems, using custom iPads and a Mac Pro.

Cars mapping for Apple Maps have been periodically spotted on the roads, capturing routes and other data about local areas that can be used in Apple’s navigational products. In a report describing how the system works, it is revealed that drivers have to abide by quite strict and secretive requirements while capturing the data.Internal materials provided to 9to5Mac reveal that Apple uses two different types of vehicles as part of the initiative, as part of Apple’s 3D Vision team. One is the self-driving Lexus that are used as part of Apple’s autonomous driving program for the “Apple Car,” codenamed “TycheEach,” while another is a modified Subaru Impreza primarily for capturing data, known internally as “Ulysses.”

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