Apple takes Prepear logo trademark fight to Canada

Apple is continuing its efforts to force meal planner app Prepear to change its logo by expanding the fight beyond the United States, with the iPhone maker now going after the company’s trademark filing in Canada.

In early August, Prepear became the subject of ire for Apple’s legal team, with the iPhone maker objecting to a trademark application for a fruit-based logo, one of a pear that it considered was too close to Apple’s own. In an update over the logo threat, Prepear revealed Apple wasn’t just going after the trademark application in the United States, but was going to do the same thing in a second country.According to Prepear, iPhone in Canada reports, the app’s attorneys told the company “not only would Apple be continuing their opposition to our logo” but that it had also “taken additional steps in preventing our logo from being registered as a trademark by filing an additional opposition against our trademark in Canada.”

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