Apple will use ‘U1’ in ‘AirPods Studio’ to sense how headphones are worn

The “AirPods Studio” will contain the U1 chip, according to a prominent leaker, with the wireless chip capable of giving the rumored personal audio device extra features, such as determining how the headphones are being worn.

A render of the 'AirPods Studio' based on a video leak [via Jon Prosser]A render of the ‘AirPods Studio’ based on a video leak [via Jon Prosser]

In tweets early on Sunday, “L0vetodream” made a series of posts about the “AirPods Studio,” Apple’s long-rumored premium headphones. The tweets centered primarily around the use of the U1 chip, which is used by Apple for Ultra Wideband communications for spatially-aware functionality, such as improved device detection for AirDrop in the iPhone 11.

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