Autumn begins to fall on Animal Crossing: New Horizons on September 1

Pumpkins, leaves changing colors, new characters, and more.

Within the Northern Hemisphere, Animal Crossing: New Horizons fall changes officially starts to show on your island on September 1. You’ll notice that the small island icon that shows up in the bottom right corner of your screen during loading times is a more yellowy hue. Additionally, when you shake your island’s trees, you’ll occasionally find acorns and pinecones.

As time continues to pass, we’ll see the leaves change color and meet a few new characters. Plus, there are the Halloween and Thanksgiving activities to get excited about. Nintendo hasn’t officially revealed what will be coming in the Animal Crossing Fall Update. But until they do, we’ve got past Animal Crossing games to go off of. Here’s what to expect from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall Update.

Leaves changing color

The most obvious change that comes with the Animal Crossing Fall Update is the leaves changing colors. Orange and red canopies will dapple your island while the grass also turns yellow—a stark contrast to the vibrant green we’ve seen for so many months. Nook’s Cranny also changes its decor slightly by putting out pumpkins, a string of fall leaves, and featuring mushroom vinyls in the windows.

New crafting materials and DIY recipes

After September 1, players who have the DIY Recipes app unlocked will receive the Tree’s Bounty Little Tree recipe from Isabelle after turning their games on. Additionally, she’ll explain that acorns and pinecones can now fall from your island’s trees. We’ve also seen from Nintendo’s official trailers that mushrooms will appear on the island as part of the fall update.

There are likely to be additional fall DIY recipes that use these new fall items, but we are unaware of what they are right now. We’ll update as we learn more.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall Update Characters & holidays

Two main characters appear during the Autumn season in Animal Crossing: Jack, the pumpkin-headed specter who shows up around Halloween, and Franklin, the turkey chef who shows up around Thanksgiving. If you do what they ask for, they can reward you with festive furniture and items.

Jack the Czar of Halloween

Jack is a specter with a pumpkin head who has appeared in several previous Animal Crossing games. Considering that his face has already shown up during this year’s Nintendo Directs, it’s safe to say that he is returning to Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the Fall Update. Although, we’re not entirely sure what his function will be since some of the other pre-existing NPCs have been tweaked a little with the latest game.

In past games, Jack has shown up during October and asks you to give him candy. If players obliged his sweet tooth, he would, in turn, give them Spooky furniture. However, if a player refused to give him candy or gave him some other item, Jack would pull some tricks like replacing the clothes you’re wearing with moldy ones or taking your hat and making you wear a pumpkin helmet instead.

We’re guessing that Jack will operate similarly with New Horizons. But if his functions turn out to be different, we’ll definitely update this section.

Jack’s Spooky Furniture

These are all of the items that players could get from Jack in New Leaf. Jack may give out some of these items in New Horizons. We’ll update when we learn more.

  • Spooky Wall
  • Spooky Carpet
  • Spooky Bed
  • Spooky Bookcase
  • Spooky Clock
  • Spooky Lamp
  • Spooky Sofa
  • Spooky Table
  • Spooky Vanity
  • Spooky Wall Lamp
  • Spooky Wardrobe
  • Spooky Chair
  • Spooky Dresser
  • Spooky Paper

Franklin the turkey chef

In past Animal Crossing games, Franklin was a central part of the Harvest Festival, which takes place around the Thanksgiving holiday in November. The chef would set up in the village and then inform you that he was missing key ingredients for his dishes.

If the player helped him acquire the ingredients he needed, he’d reward them with Harvest Series furniture and decorations. We’re guessing he’ll play the same role in New Horizons. As always, we’ll update as we learn more.

Franklin’s Harvest Series furniture

These are all of the items that players could get from Franklin in New Leaf. Franklin may give out some of these items in New Horizons. We’ll update when we learn more.

  • Harvest Bed
  • Harvest Bureau
  • Harvest Chair
  • Harvest Clock
  • Harvest Dresser
  • Harvest Lamp
  • Harvest Mirror
  • Harvest Sofa
  • Harvest Table
  • Harvest TV
  • Harvest Wall Lamp
  • Harvest Wall
  • Harvest Rug

Animal Crossing Fall Update

It’s time to fall in love with Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ changing leaves and upcoming Autumn characters. I’m especially looking forward to the Halloween activities and meeting Jack in person.

Hopefully, these Autumn festivities prove to be a fun change for all you fellow Animal Crossing players out there.

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