Become a Smarter Plumber With The LoRaWAN Pipe Pressure Sensor

As someone who recently bought a house, I have been learning a lot of new things very quickly. From minor repairs, to DIY projects, to plumbing and septic systems, it’s a lot to absorb. Like most people, I also have an inherent fear of a pipe bursting one day and flooding my kitchen.

This LoRaWAN Pipe Pressure Sensor caught my eye as something that could prevent a catastrophe like that from happening. Thanks to the EM500-PP sensor, you can measure pressure from liquids or gases to monitor things like tank level and pipe leakage.

A 10-year battery life combines with LoRaWAN connectivity to ensure reliable connections from long distances. Simply turn on the NFC and attach the sensor to the area and then download the toolbox app on your smartphone to configure the sensor accordingly.

This handy method of monitoring will prevent any major leakage danger, offers shock and vibration resistance, and measures with an accuracy of less than +/-0.% FS. It also includes temperature compensation for higher accuracy.

Whether you’re a new homeowner like me, or you want to avoid having maintenance come out to fix your apartment, this is a good way to keep a digital eye on your pipes.