Classic VCO sounds for a Eurorack attack!

Generating sounds is the core element of every modular synth, with a number of established waveforms to start off with – sine, sawtooth, triangle and pulse waves. The BLM JPJFET VCO is a sawtooth-based voltage controlled oscillator, with a design based on an unnamed famous vintage Roland synth using modern equivalent parts.

The JPJFET VCO is ideal for serving up searing leads and analogue bass, with possiblilities to morph between sawtooth and pulse waves operating at -5 and +5 volts. Plug into the front panel to access features like PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), Oscillator Sync, Octave (1v/octave), Linear Modulation and Exponential Modulation – to sculpt the sound and generate the core sound you need. Pitch the VCO to your taste with tune, fine tune and overall modualtion controls and you have a poweful modular monster in your rack for only 6HP of space!

No need to solder yourself, this module comes fully made with tiny SMD components in situ, just plug and play! The documentation is available from the company website, which outlines functions of the unit as well as instructions on how to calibrate it.

The BLM JPJFET VCO is sold by Blue Lantern Modules who are based in the USA and are producing a growing number of exciting modular goodies. Look out for more soon!