Developer convinces Apple to bend App Store rules on subscriptions

The developer of a firewall and VPN app has successfully managed to challenge the App Store guidelines that govern the app review process, enabling it to offer a day pass subscription that isn’t typically allowed under the rules.

During WWDC, Apple revealed a major change to the review process of apps and updates being submitted to the App Store, enabling developers to challenge guidelines in cases where apps are rejected for violations. In posts made to Twitter, it seems one developer has managed to successfully take advantage of the new process.Guardian VPN founder Will Strafach revealed on Twitter on August 14 that Apple had rejected updates to the app unless a Day Pass facility was removed. The specific rule that was being violated was 3.1.2(a), which relates to how an auto-renewing subscription must last at least seven days, far longer than the 24 hours the day pass would provide.

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