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Disney Princess Cinderella Plastic Canvas Pattern: Wall Hanging

Cinderelly Cinderelly, night and day Cinderelly! Can you just hear the cute mice from the classic movie singing this song? 🙂 What exactly does that have to do with this post today? I’ve made another beautiful plastic canvas wall hanging pattern featuring the lovely and kind, Princess Cinderella!

Disney Princess Cinderella Plastic Canvas Pattern: Wall Hanging

I really think that making these plastic canvas princess patterns are almost therapeutic for me. It takes a lot of concentration but it’s something that I enjoy so much. And the fact that the end result is something as beautiful as this just makes it all worthwhile!

And let’s be honest, what’s better than spending time making beautiful Disney Princess patterns?? This sweet and fun Cinderella plastic canvas pattern wall hanging is a MUST have in your collection. 

You’ll need some plastic canvas and yarn to make these, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be ready to go. I love this brand of plastic here and the sizing works perfectly.

When stitched and all is said and done, all my plastic canvas stitching designs measure approx. 20″ give or take, depending on the particular one you chose.

Disney Princess Cinderella Plastic Canvas Pattern: Wall Hanging

Cinderella Plastic Canvas Pattern

Click here to access the pattern, then print. 

Fun Ways To Use This Wall Hanging:

These plastic wall hangings are not only so fun to make but can be used in tons of different ways. Here are a few great ideas for how you can actually use this specific Cinderella plastic canvas…

  • Use for Princess themed parties – does your daughter love Disney Princesses?? Probably so, and that’s why you need this wall hanging to decorate for a fun themed birthday party! Check out my other patterns to create all the Disney Princesses and have them all in one spot!
  • Spring redecorating project – do you want a fun and cheap way to spruce up your daughter’s bedroom? WITHOUT breaking the bank? Print out this pattern and once you stitch the plastic canvas together, you can add it to her bedroom walls with some fun throw pillows/blankets to match for a new look. Then when she outgrows it, all you have to do is remove and replace the bedding. 😉 So easy!!
  • Gifts for kids – these would make such cute and thoughtful gifts for your kids and their friends! Bring them as birthday or Christmas gifts, or even give to your own kiddos to bring a little joy to their day. 🙂

It’s so fun when I get to sit and make these for you all, including this beautiful Princess Cinderella plastic canvas pattern. I hope you like it! 🙂