Elegant Light Powered Chimes!

A long way from giant synth bass lines and imposing analogue drums resides the lighter end of the music tech spectrum. The Solar Baby Chime behaves like a wind chime but is actually powered by light, and emits a gentle tinkling in an organic and soothing way – which apparently can transfix and mesmerise a baby, hence the name!

This unique and compact device contains a red motorized butterfly inside a glass bell decorated with flowers. It looks like a Furin wind chime, but is powered by the light of the sun and other sources – and will respond to 400-1000 lux. As it runs on solar power, it’ll chime for years and require no batteries or maintenance. It weighs an ounce and is around three inches wide.

It’s ideal to be hung in a window or from a ceiling but it’s not recommended to be placed outside. For the technically minded, the Solar Baby Chime comprises of a solar cell, a pager motor and some electronics on a OSHpark board.

The Solar Baby Chime is sold by SolaBile who are based in the USA, and have a patent pending on the design! It’s their first product on Tindie so keep your eyes and ears open for more.