Extensive MIDI control from your rack!

Controlling hardware with MIDI is an amazingly expressive, performative and structured way of making music. The Modular Rack MIDI Controller is a new modular version of the tabletop controller released in 2019 – which allows for a myriad of MIDI messages to be assigned to a multitude of knobs, for supreme musical MIDI control.

It features 2 rows of 4 high quality pots which can be assigned to control changes, pitchbends, program changes, and more using the MIDI learn function built into the software. The pots have 7-bit resolution and are compatible with software VSTs, effects, and DAWs – controlling your synths, delays, reverbs, mixers, and automation from the comfort of your eurorack. The unit fits in a 3U Eurorack case, with the main module extendable with to up to 8 units for 64 knobs of control!

It’s a one of a kind device, designed to bring together hardware and software worlds – and comes in three purchase options: Basic, Extended, and Upgrade Set depending on how far into the rabbit hole you’d like to go. It has a mounting depth of 40mm with each extra unit taking up 3U of modular real estate.

The Modular Rack MIDI Controller is sold by the Velorum Project and is one of many such MIDI devices they sell.

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