Four Band Feedback Chaos!

Pushing the boundaries of sound is what makes modular so different from making music with conventional gear; putting it closer to scientific experimentation than arranging a concerto! Step up the Monotropa V3, a four-band feedback EQ module intent on sonic adventure, noise generation and drone dystopia – for the bigger bass and resonant highs your eurorack demands!

The Monotropa performs primarily as a signal processor – giving you the chance to sculpt and scramble your audio signals across four separate frequency bands. Feedback has an evil edge to it, resulting in extreme distortion and huge harmonics added to any input signal – perfect for synths, bass and lead sounds. It has 2 inputs, 2 outputs and controls for feedback, gain, and each EQ band volume. It’ll mangle audio and CV and even self-oscillates with no input signal to act as an unhinged VCO!

This third version comes as a DIY kit, with all the components and panels you need to get it together. The Bill Of Materials, Documentation and Build Guide have all been made available for you to find out more.

The Monotropa is sold by ReverseLandFill who are based in the Netherlands. They’ve put together numerous soundcloud demos as well as the bassdrum example video below: