Get The Entrance Music You Deserve!

Have you ever wanted a theme tune to play as you enter the room? Perhaps the imperial march, a pop hit or Super Mario’s Jolly Roger Bay. Well now you can thanks to the Human presence triggered music player –  a small box which will wait for your arrival and serenade you when you step in trough the door and switch the lights on!

It’s designed for service rooms but has applications for all kinds of locations and establishments. The music is stored on an SD card, which can be selected by pressing the knob – which also controls the volume when turned. You might like to have some relaxing music to accompany a deep bath or something to get you pumped up for the home gym – whatever you choose it’s an unusual and ingenious device. Simply let it play out or turn off the lights to stop the music!

There are three versions of the music player with an embedded AC/DC adapter, a low voltage supply and a boxed, carbon-looking moel – pictured above.

The Human presence triggered music player is available from m1l3n who are based in Switzerland and offer numerous neat audio gadgets.

Check out their demo below to see it in action. Where would you put it?