Jam Live With The Funky Drummer!

By now, if you know MadLab, you know what you’re gonna be in for! Their electronics gadgets are always totally out of the box ideas which deliver sounds and performance options like no other independent maker. The Funky Drummer kit is their latest release which incorporates a host of 8-Bit drum sounds which can be triggered and played by external sources!

The Funky Drummer features 40 Drum sounds, playing at a super lo-fi 11kHz sample rate, in line with early samplers and the dawn of digital playback. It has 16 rhythms divided into 12 preset patterns and the space for 4 user created ones – which can contain a whopping 64 drum events per beat! Think Portasound or PSR keyboards and you’ll be in the right sonic ballpark – it sounds fat and funky!

The Funky Drummer comes in kit form, with all the components you need to get going. It’s powered by DC power or PP3 Battery – and sends out a mono signal via 3.5 mm jack. You can adjust the playback tempo and engage a metronome so you know exactly where to drop the beat.

MadLab is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and has provided some demo sounds and rhythms for your listening pleasure. Visit their store to see more madcap musical goodies!