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Just Do the Next, Most Logical Thing Wall Art Printable

This week was especially tough for me. It’s not easy being single, I tell you what! 

Trying to handle absolutely everything on your own. No family to help. No church to support you. 

Sometimes…okay, often…I feel all alone in the world. Sometimes it gets to me and I break down and cry.

I can’t HANDLE this, Lord, I cry out. 

My to-do list is never ending, and it gets wearisome sometimes. 

I mean, do you ever feel like you just accomplish some major things, and you turn around, and there’s a bunch more to do? 

Just Do the Next, Most Logical Thing Wall Art Printable

You fold a load of laundry and your toddler has the basket upside down on his head and clothes all over the floor. 

You JUST tidied up the bedroom, and you turn around, and your husband has dirty socks on the floor, the toilet seat is up, there’s no toilet paper on the roll, his jacket is hanging off the bed. 

It feels like you’re on a hamster wheel. A never ending hamster wheel. 

A pipe in my house broke this week. Technically, I broke it trying to fix it. 🙂 Uh…hello…GIRL here! Stayed up all night, cleaning up water (water is off but still dripping like…a LOT!) :/

My gate is sagging, and I’m trying to research that to figure out how to fix it. Apparently, a bar broke. No clue how I’m gonna fix that.

A light in the garage went out. Listen…I’m short. 5’3. Ain’t no way in heck, I’m getting on no ladder to change that bulb. My wittle short feet like to stay firmly planted on the ground, k! 🙂

My washer has a water hammer on it, and no one at all, not a plumber, not the hardware store, knows what a dang water hammer arrester is. Oy! LOL.

Half a dozen other things going on too. Oh, did I mention we don’t have any water b/c of the leaky pipe! LOL. And I have to pay an extra $100 just to get the plumber out here today (scammers!).

Sometimes, you wanna switch places with your kids, am I right? OHHHHHH how life was so much EASIER and carefree as a kid. Like…do I HAVE TO adult today? Do I REALLY haveta? Can I get a rain check on that and adult TOMORROW? When my water is back on and everything is fixed! LOL.

Listen, if you’re struggling, I get it. 

It’s THOSE days that, it’s all about just taking ONE thing at a time. Just get through the day. Don’t try to be a hero today. Just get through the day! 

So, it’s only fitting, that as I’m sitting here waiting for the plumber to come (sometime in the next 4 hours – don’t cha just love those huge time frames?!), that I make myself a beautiful printable to remind myself…just do the next, most logical thing. <3

That’s it. 

Just do one thing. The next BEST thing. The wisest thing. Take it slow. 

Hopefully, your day was better than mine, but on those days where they just really suck, here’s a cool printable to remind yourself…just do the next, most logical thing. Take it easy, my dear. Just take it easy. It’s okay. Tomorrow will be better, I promise. 🙂 

When you're overwhelmed, this free wall art printable will be an excellent reminder to just do the next, most logical thing! #freewallart #freeprintable

Download the Just Do the Next, Most Logical Thing Wall Art Printable here.



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