KontroLIR Arduino Compatible IR Remote Control

A remote control that commands all devices is the holy grail of living room technology. While so-called “universal” remote control units allow you to control a rather large selection of TVs, AV receivers, DVD players and the like, in reality you’re generally only able to get them to work within a certain range of predefined parameters.

Worse yet, your remote might even require you to install rather clumsy software on your PC. This means occupied hard drive space, and/or yet another cloud login just to reconfigure things once every year or so. For total controller freedom, without another piece of software, look no further than the KontroLIR remote from AnalysIR.

This IR remote is controlled by an ATmega328PB, allowing it to be programmed via the Arduino IDE, and an optional USB serial adapter. There is also an IR receiver pair available for learning other remotes, and an EEPROM upgrade package. Several GPIO pins are broken out, including those needed for I2C communication, and ICSP programming if you prefer this method.

Design-wise, the remote features a housing and silicone button array, repurposed from another design. With its custom PCB, this means great functionality and good looks at a relatively low order quantity. Notably, the build uses around 1 uA of current when idle, allowing its 2 AAA batteries to last for several years of perfectly customized control!