Light up Your Space with This Artsy Lamp

Most of the time when I think of a nightlight I think of an overly bright and plain light that serves as a beacon to the bathroom in the middle of the night. However, this unique light is anything but plain or boring!

The Wooden RGB Mood Night Lamp, created by Woodoonics, is a beautifully crafted wooden light that changes color. The lamp features an image of a butterfly that lights up when turned on. This lamp can be used as a desk lamp, mood lighting, an art display, or a fun night light for kids and adults alike.

Users can change light preferences by using the side button. Set the lights to cycle through all the colors or choose to have the light stay the same color by selecting one of the colors. This lamp is USB powered so you’ll never need to worry about changing out the batteries. You can use any micro USB cable to power the light.

Another neat feature is that each lamp is created from 100% recycled wood, making them eco-friendly! Grab your Wooden RGB Mood Night Lamp to add mood lighting to your space, or swap out your boring nightlight for this artsy one!