Making A Case For Modular!

The first thing you need when you start making a modular system is a case to house everything in and there’s already a huge selection to choose from! Luckily, the Eurocase is here to make that decision a simple one, with an affordable design which is solid, easy to make and sizeable enough for all of your eurorack endeavours.

The Eurocase is a tabletop-style home for modular synths and sound devices, with enough HP space to store a good selection of units – the finished article measures 46cm x 17cm and is 19cm high. It’s simple and sleek design lends itself to be customised with stickers, pens or spray paints to add a personal touch and a splash of colour.

The Eurocase comes flat-packed in six pieces,which slot together to form your new case. Full build instructions have been provided on the Wesemane GitHub page – requiring just a hot glue gun and a few minutes to construct. It comes cut from medium density fibreboard (MDF) or can be laser cut yourself using the DIY section of their build instructions. Once the case is complete, it will require rails, tapped strips and fixing brackets to mount your modular toys.

The Eurocase is a superb first product from Wesemane Industries who are based in Germany.