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Neural Mechanisms 2018 Web Conference Videos Now Available!

We’re excited to share the videos from the Neural Mechanisms 2018 Web Conference entitled “New Challenges in Philosophy of Neuroscience“. The videos can be found at the Neural Mechanisms YouTube channel or in the program below—each paper title links to its YouTube video. Thanks to Marco Viola and Fabrizio Calzavarini for organizing the Neural Mechanism events and to all of the commentors and reviewers that made the conference possible!

Day 1



Hong Yu Wong Embodiment: Structure and Mechanisms
Chiara Brozzo Categorically perceiving motor actions
Alessio Plebe Neural mechanisms and development in the cortex
Bryce Gessell Does the brain have a “functional unit”?
Daniel Burnston & Philipp Haueis Evolving Concepts of “Hierarchy” in Systems Neuroscience
Luis Favela Neural reuse is a general mechanism, but Neural Darwinism is a fundamental theory
David Colaço Recharacterizing Scientific Phenomena
Gualtiero Piccinini Levels of Being: An Egalitarian Account

Day 2



Alfredo Vernazzani A Mechanistic Framework for the Neural Correlates of Conscious Visual Object Perception
Jessey Wright Searching for what isn’t There: Two Challenges for Data-Driven Ontology Revision in Cognitive Neuroscience
Carrie Figdor The Fallacy of the Homuncular Fallacy
Javier Gomez-Lavin Working Memory is Not a Natural Kind


Image credit: Brain, CC BY 3.0, Nick Byrd

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