New Mac malware infects and spreads via Xcode projects

A number of Xcode projects have been found to contain malware that can attack Safari and other browsers, security researchers have revealed, with the discovery of XCSSET malware making its way into Mac software projects through largely unknown means.

Researchers at Trend Micro discovered what the company describes as “an unusual infection related to Xcode developer projects,” where malware would incorporate itself into the project itself. The malware was found to have multiple payload possibilities, and though it poses a potential risk to end users using software developed via Apple’s IDE, it actually seems to be a bigger issue for the developers themselves.The malware, which is part of the XCSSET family, was found to incorporate files that suggested it would enable a “command and control” of a target system, namely that it would allow the attacker using the malware to take control of the infected Mac. This can allow for a wide variety of actions to be performed on infected systems, including acquiring personal data and performing a ransomware-style attack involving encryption.

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