Opensource, Modular, and Wireless CNC Controller

This excellent modular CNC control board can help you build the CNC of your dreams! Bart Dring has rather wonderfully has ported the opensource CNC controller firmware “GRBL” to the ESP32 platform in his line of CNC related boards and modules.

The ESP32 retains the simplicity of being able to use the Arduino environment to flash CNC control boards, but upgrades from traditional 8-bit to the more powerful 32-bit microcontroller. It can also act as a WiFi hotspot to control your CNC via a web interface and even upload G-code for storage on the chip’s internal memory or an SDcard installed in the slot on the board. Of course the ESP32 means more than just adding wireless, it’s a more fully featured and capable platform in terms of speed and performance and will push your G-Codes with precision and speed.

This board has three sockets for stepper motor drivers, home/limit switch connections for three axes, a input pins for dedicated control buttons. Bart offers additional modules including motor driver modules built around the popular DRV8825 IC capable of supplying 1.5A or even up to 2.2A with some air cooling and also options to include a pre-flashed ESP32 to get you up and running without prior knowledge of these microcontroller modules.