Play a Game with Arduino on the Ledring!


Is it just me, or is anyone else being driven crazy by their neighbor’s kids or maybe children of your own? As a former teacher and hyper kid, playing games were always a good way to keep busy and have some fun. Check out the Ledring, a circuit powered by Arduino that can be used to create games with LEDs.

The Ledring is made up of nineteen LEDs; eighteen red LEDs and one green LED. One of the main games that can be played with this device is the Ledcatching game. The player tries to hit the button just as the green LED passes to catch it in motion.

Another game that can be played is Ledoverlap, which was created by Circle Electronic. In this game, the LEDs flash clockwise and when the last one lights up, the user must press the button and continue to repeat this action for all eighteen LEDs as the speed increases with each round.

Each Ledring comes fully assembled, and is powered by two CR2032 batteries. You can use your own Arduino Nano, or add one to your order. Now, time for me to go buy a ton of these to occupy my upstairs neighbor’s kids for a few minutes of peace and quiet. Actually, I might just have to buy one for myself to play with!

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