Procedurally Generated… Circuit Boards?!

Procedural generation is a method for generating data automatically from an algorithm. It’s typically used in video games that have infinitely long levels. They will generate the same data if they begin with the same values, but by changing the starting values you will get a totally different set of data. They are similar to pseudo-random number generators but are specifically designed to output structured data.

So when I saw that someone had created procedurally generated circuit boards, I immediately thought “That is AWESOME!”. Every circuit board would be unique, each an individual work of art. The PicoPlanet is a SAMD21 dev board with procedurally generated artwork, including three capacitive touch buttons shaped like planets! The procedural generation also creates swirls around the planets, as well as random little planets and stars on various layers of the board. They are very, very cool little boards, and absolutely gorgeous with the gold on blue colour theme!

They also have an RGB LED and are compatible with Arduino and CircuitPython. Each design will only have 10 boards made, so these are a very limited run and exclusive! They are actually a standard M.2 size and length, with mounting holes in the correct place, so they can be easily mounted to anything that has an M.2 slot or mounting holes. I also give huge kudos to bleeptrack, the designer, for using USB-C! I am really glad to see more and more boards using USB-C. There’s nothing to dislike about this board! Get one before they are gone!