Protect Your Project From The Elements With The Breadbox Double

Electronic components are amazing pieces of technology, but unless you’re working with NASA or the military, they tend to be quite vulnerable to the elements. This presents challenges when working with projects that are used outdoors or in remote areas. Beyond even this, sometimes you just need a way to transport everything without being worried it will get damaged.

For this purpose, the Breadbox Double presents a simple and elegant solution. This weather resistant case fits two 1/2 size breadboards and features open sides to make working on the board easy. A gland seal on the bottom also gives you a place to pass your wiring through, which eliminates the need to mod the case like other options out there.

The case itself is 3D-printed using durable ABS and the design includes a rubber foam seal between the base and the cover to keep out water or dust. There’s even a lens on the exterior so you can view an LED from outside the enclosure. The Breadbox Double comes with two 1/2 size breadboards installed.

Given other, more limited options that don’t account for open sides or places to pass wiring through, this is a convenient choice for the prototyping maker on-the-go.