Single Cell LiPo Power Supply and Charger

Creating electronics projects is, of course, a fun challenge. You figure out the overall function, along with the LEDs, microcontrollers, sensors, and the like that you’ll use, but after you’ve soldered everything together, you then need to figure out how to power it. It should be simple, but all too often it’s an afterthought that takes a bit more work than you had planned.

If you’d like to shortcut this process, Tindarian WizardTech has come up with a device that he uses “to add recharge capabilities to [his] hobby projects,” and now you can use it too! A 1S LiPo battery plugs into its JST 2.0mm PHR connector for charging, and power is supplied via a common Micro USB connector.

When connected, a red light indicates that it is receiving juice, while green shows that charging is complete. Conveniently, whether charged or not it will output 5V to your project via the output terminals. Over charge/discharge protection is included in the package, and it’s able to turn off if a short is detected. There’s even a 1000 uF Capacitor onboard to take care of what you probably neglect to put on your programmable LED projects.

Of course, if charging 1 battery at a time isn’t enough, why not check out the 6-battery gang charger that we featured here?