Start Your Smart Home Journey With The Doorbell Modernizr 2

Doorbells, until recent years, have been simple devices. They notify you when someone is at the front door with a chime or tune, and that’s about it. Smart doorbells offer additional features like video or recording, so you know who’s there before opening up.

The Doorbell Modernizr 2 offers a way to transform your current setup into something smarter. Once installed, it can connect your doorbell to Wifi and send a signal to your home automation system whenever it’s used (currently it supports Home assistant, Domoticz, and Openhab).

This signal also lets you set up other scenarios where you could receive a notification to your phone, take a photo of the person at the door with a separate camera, or anything else you’d like to do with this connected doorbell. The Modernizr 2 also gives you the ability to shut off the doorbell entirely from your home automation system if you prefer.

The device comes pre-assembled and pre-programmed in a 3D-printed housing. You’ll need to provide a micro USB power supply, but there’s an option to order one with the device. While it does come pre-programmed using an ESP8266 microprocessor, you can make any changes you’d like.

Included instructions give you multiple ways to hook up the device for different levels of functionality. Any way you slice it, it’s a far easier way to make your doorbell smarter.