Stylish Cases for Your Raspberry Pi 4!


Using a Raspberry Pi 4 might be exactly what your next project needs, but what if you need a way to protect that bare circuit board? The Raspberry Pi 4 Slim Case from Kismet Wireless might be just what you’re looking for.

The Raspberry Pi 4 Slim Case is a slim-fitting acrylic case used to protect all the device’s components on the top and the bottom. It provides protection without restricting access to the much-needed ports or SD card slots.

Each product includes a top piece, SD card spacers, a matte black bottom piece, and hex nuts and spacers. There are even several style options to choose from.

Style options include:

  • Barcode, a black and white striped design.
  • Biohazard, a red and white design with a biohazard symbol.
  • Circuitry, a black and silver design featured in the photo above.
  • Hex Scale, a white and black patterned design.
  • Kismet.JP Logo & Katakana, a black and white design.
  • Kismet Signals, a black and white design.
  • Matte Black, a fingerprint-resistant black with no design.
  • Radiation, a yellow and black design with the radiation warning symbol.

With so many options, it won’t be difficult to find something that matches the personality or theme of your next project.

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