The 7 Best Safety Glasses Reviews and Buying Guide

Your eyes are probably the most vulnerable part of your body while you are machining on a big automated machine or even with a certain power tool. Whether it is wood or metal, the workpiece will shred a lot of pieces while it’s getting cut or shaped. These little fragments might get caught in your eye, causing a lot of problems, including permanent eye damage.

To prevent this, you must always wear proper safety glasses while working. These glasses are a necessity in the majority of workplaces. Hence, there are a number of different brands that produce them. Choosing one amongst all these options can be a little difficult. Make sure you check out following things in a safety glass:

  • UV Protection: UV protection stands for protection from ultraviolet lights. If you are planning to use the safety glasses in bright sunlight, you must pay attention to the UV protection rating of the glasses. While most of the glasses already have up to 90% UV protection, few options will provide a little higher protection.
  • Comfort: Safety glasses are already a bit bulkier and heavier than regular glasses. So, you must take a closer look at the comfort level of each glass before selecting one. The comfort for each design might vary for every individual.
  • Peripheral Coverage: While the safety glasses protect the front portion of your eyes, it must also cover the peripheral area equally. Some tiny particles might bounce off a surface and enter inside the glasses from the side. Hence, having peripheral coverage is very important.

Today, we are presenting you with the best safety glasses available in the market right now. These glasses will provide you maximum security along with a couple of fancy features. You can also find a Buying Guide in this article that will help you to choose the best option for you. Make sure you read out all of the options before finalizing your purchase.

Best Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses Certifications Warranty Buy Now
SolidWork Safety Goggles US ANSI Z87+,
DIN EN 166; EN 170
1 year Check the Price
Nocry Safety Glasses ANSI Z87, CSA
Z94.3, and OSHA
Lifetime Check the Price
Magid Glove Safety Glasses ANSI Z87+ Lifetime Check the Price
Dewalt Safety Goggle ANSI Z87.1+ Lifetime Check the Price
Honeywell Safety Goggles ANSI Z87+,
CSA Z94.3
Lifetime Check the Price
Howard Leight Shooting Glasses ANSI Z87.1-2010,
CSA Z94.3
1 year Check the Price
Sellstrom Goggle OSHA, ANSI Z87.1+,
1 year Check the Price

7 Best Safety Glasses Reviews

1. SolidWork Safety Goggles 

solid work glasses

As the name suggests, SolidWorks has pretty tough products and safety equipment. Here are its safety glasses.

In the 1st position, we have durable safety glasses from Solidwork. The comfort level is also pretty good with these glasses as they do not have any pressure point on your nose. You can find an adjustable headband in the back that can be easily adjusted according to your preference for bet fit. The lens provided with SolidWork Safety Goggles has decent scratch resistance.

Talking about the lens, you will also find the lens is anti-fog so that it can be used in a humid environment without any issue. It can also be used in bright sunlight because of the US ANSI Z87+ certified UV protection. The panoramic design of the glasses allows you to have a wide vision while being protected from all sides. You can return the glasses to the manufacturer even after 1 year and get your money back.

Best Features:

  • Durable safety glasses
  • Pretty good comfort
  • No pressure point on your nose
  • Adjustable headband in the back
  • Scratch-resistant lens
  • Anti-fog lens
  • US ANSI Z87+ certified UV protection
  • Panoramic design allows a wider vision
  • 1-year money-back guarantee


  • Money-back guarantee is quite a relief
  • Adjustable headband gives comfort


  • A bit expensive in comparison
  • Might get slippery after long usage

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2. Nocry Safety Glasses 


NoCry is a very popular name and has very high positive user reviews. They also make a pair of safety glasses included below.

NoCry safety glasses are pretty capable of covering both your eyes and eyewear at the same time. With a very minimal price tag, NoCry offers great lenses that are approved by various standards such as NSI Z87, CSA Z94.3, and OSHA. If you have a prescribed lens for a clear vision, this can be the best option for you as you can use your own glasses within the safety glasses.

The body is made of strong polycarbonate material, which gives it good strength and durability. If you take a look at the sides, you will find that the lens covers the entire peripheral area so that nothing can come inside from sideways. The lens is capable of blocking 90 to 100% of the UV rays, which is a great feature for outdoor users. It will take some serious damage to scratch the 400nm scratch resistance lens on the front.

Best Features:

  • Covers both your eyes and eyewear
  • Very minimal price tag
  • Great lenses approved by NSI Z87, CSA Z94.3, and OSHA
  • Can use your own glasses within the safety glasses
  • Strong polycarbonate lens
  • The lens covers the entire peripheral area
  • 90 to 100% UV rays protection
  • 400nm scratch resistance lens


  • Scratch resistance is very good
  • UV rays protection is exceptional


  • Might feel a little pressure on the nose
  • Comfort level is average

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3. Magid Glove Safety Glasses 

magid glsses

Here is another highly popular brand with great user ratings. Magid has provided a lot of decent products in the past, similar to these safety glasses.

In the 3rd position, we have placed Magid Y50BKAFC due to its high popularity and positive response. There are 2 pairs included in the package where 1 will serve as an instant replacement for another one in case of damage. It has a pretty stylish design approach so that it doesn’t look like a typical safety glass while providing equal safety. The low base curve frame, along with clear side panels, provides a good peripheral vision.

The scratch resistance hard polycarbonate lens is available in a clear version as well as a grey version. Apart from the lens, the frame is made up of black nylon with soft grey temple pads from the inside to provide comfort to the user. The lens has a standard anti-fog rating to help you even in moist workplaces.

Best Features:

  • Highly popular pair of glasses
  • 2 pairs included in the package
  • Pretty stylish design approach
  • Low base curve frame
  • Clear side panels
  • Good peripheral vision available
  • Scratch-resistant lens
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Scratch resistance hard polycarbonate lens
  • Black nylon body with soft grey temple pads


  • Lightweight safety glasses
  • Extra pair comes in handy


  • Build quality is a bit weaker
  • Might not be comfortable for all

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4. Dewalt Safety Goggle

dewalt glasses

Dewalt is probably the most popular name amongst all other brands on this list. Here are the popular safety glasses from Dewalt.

DEWALT DPG82-11/DPG82-11CTR has a pretty robust build quality that is designed to last long. Along with a durable body, the lens is also Dewalt made with a tough coat lens that provides great protection against scratches. The extra clear anti-fog lens coating does not allow any moisture content on the lens so that you can work without any interruptions.

You can see a soft, dual-injected rubber cover from the inside that comes in contact with the face, providing a soft cushioning so that the glass does not leave marks on your forehead after elongated use. It also works as a protective covering for dust and debris that might enter the safety glasses. There is an elastic adjustable headband so that it will surely fit any form of the head with ease. There are ventilation channels especially provided so that fog cannot gather on the lens from the inside.

Best Features:

  • Pretty robust build quality
  • Dewalt made a tough coat lens
  • Great protection against scratches
  • Anti-fog lens coating
  • Dual injected rubber cover from the inside
  • Comfortable to wear for a long time
  • Elastic adjustable headband
  • Ventilation channels to avoid fog inside


  • Anti-fog protection is best in class
  • Build quality is great


  • Price tag is a bit higher than a few other options
  • Might slip in case of loose elastic band

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5. Honeywell Safety Goggles 

uvex goggles

Honeywell store is rather a fresh brand in safety equipment and kits. Still, they have premium safety glasses, as mentioned below.

Here are yet another highly durable safety glasses from Honeywell. There is a single UVExtreme coating permanently bonded with the lens to provide scratch resistance, anti-static, and ultraviolet light protection for life. The coating will not come off even after repetitive cleanings. The lens is super clear, giving you a clear vision along with a visible peripheral vision. There is 99.9% UV light protection available.

There is no gap between the lens and the frame. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any splashes, dust, or mist to come inside the glasses. You can also avail of optional Rx insert separately in case you have to use a prescribed lens. The lens on Uvex Stealth Safety Goggles meets various standards such as ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3. Also, it will definitely fit you the best as it has an adjustable belt on the rear side.

Best Features:

  • Highly durable safety glasses
  • Single-layer UVExtreme coating
  • Scratch resistance, anti-static, and ultraviolet light protection
  • Super clear lens
  • Visible peripheral vision
  • 9% UV light protection
  • Zero gaps between the lens and the frame
  • Optional Rx insert available separately
  • ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 standard lens
  • Adjustable belt on the rear side.


  • Lens quality is great
  • Overall build quality is superior


  • Price tag is a bit high
  • No warranty or insurance even at the high price range

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6. Howard Leight Shooting Glasses

howard glasses

Howard Leight Store has been producing eyewear and safety equipment for a long time. Here is a safety glass from Howard Leight Store.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Genesis Sharp-Shooter Shooting Glasses is mostly designed while keeping the outdoor sports activities in mind. As you can clearly see, it has great protection in the front while the sides are kept clear for good vision assistance. These safety glasses barely look like any traditional glasses as they have a unique sporty look. The lens has standard UV light protection alongside scratch protection and fog protection.

The nose point of these safety glasses is very soft as well as adjustable to fit any form of nose shape easily. You can keep wearing these glasses for prolonged shooting activity without feeling them as these glasses are pretty compact and lightweight. Even though this lens is not designed for active machining use, they do clear various standards such as ANSI Z87.1-2010, CSA Z94.3 and 99% UV light protection

Best Features:

  • Best option for outdoor sports activities
  • Great protection in the front
  • Good peripheral vision
  • Unique sporty look
  • 99% UV light protection
  • Scratch protection and fog protection
  • Soft nose point
  • Best for long time use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • ANSI Z87.1-2010, CSA Z94.3 standard lens


  • Lens quality is very good
  • Compact and lightweight safety glasses


  • Not suitable for machining operations
  • Sides are not protective enough

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7. Sellstrom Goggle

seller glasses

Sellstrom is a lesser-known name in the market. But, it is surely worth checking out its safety glasses.

Last but not the least, we have Sellstrom S80225 safety glasses. The outer body of these glasses is made up of heat resistant TPV material, and the inner portion has a soft and closed foam layer for best comfort. You can easily put these goggles over your general prescribed lens without any problem as the design allows almost any lens to fit in it perfectly. The seal between the foam layer and the body is very tight so that dust or water will not come inside the lens.

The lens itself is 8mm thick, which has an anti-fog coating on the top along with exceptional clarity. A great feature of these goggles is that it’s fire-resistant. So, it can be pretty useful in unfortunate fire hazards. The fit is not going to be a problem as you can adjust the elastic band on the rear side as you need. The lens has cleared various standards, such as ANSI Z87.1+, NFPA 70E, and CSA.

Best Features:

  • Heat resistant TPV material body
  • Soft and closed foam layer inside
  • Can be used with a prescribed lens
  • Tight seal between lens and foam
  • Dust or water splash protection
  • 8mm thick lens
  • Anti-fog coating on the lens
  • Highly clear lens
  • Designed for fire safety
  • Adjustable headband
  • ANSI Z87.1+, NFPA 70E, and CSA standard lens


  • Fire safety is a really great feature
  • Very thick lens


  • A bit pricier than other options
  • Cannot be used if the belt is damaged

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Buying Guide For The Best Safety Glasses

Now that you have read about all of the best safety glasses available in the market, you might have observed that there are a few features that are more important than others. For your personal application, you must choose which feature you would need in your safety glass. To help you along with the selection procedure, we are providing this helpful buying guide.

This guide will give you a lot of information about some features of safety glass, and it’s importance regarding certain applications. We are sure that once you read the buying guide completely, you will definitely feel a lot more surety about your choice. Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying a safety glass:

1. Impact resistance

Generally, polycarbonate lenses have a great impact resistance as compared to other lenses. The polycarbonate material does not scratch easily. Also, it is pretty harder to break the lens. While working with various machinery or power tools, you never know when a tool can fail and cause unwanted incidents. The tool or workpiece can go out of control and bounce off in any direction. In such a case, you need to be sure that your eyes have the best protection as they are the most valuable asset.

2. UV, Dust and Scratch Resistance

The safety glasses endure a lot of environmental damage such as accidental scratches and cracks because of high impact or simply improper storage. In such a case, you should consider getting a high scratch resistance lens so that you can have a clear and scratch-free vision for a longer time.

Also, the UV protection will allow you to use the glasses even in broad sunlight without any strain on your eyes. As with the dust resistance, a great sealing between glasses and your skin will prevent any unwanted dust problem whatsoever.

3. Safety Rating of Lens

The lens is manufactured while considering a lot of standards in mind. These standards consist of various terms and conditions that highly relate to the safety of the user as well as durability of the lens, Some of the most important safety ratings are ANSI Z87.1, NSI Z87, CSA Z94.3, OSHA, etc. Having a high standard lens automatically guarantees the reliability of the lens in various operating conditions.

4. Comfort and Fit

Lastly, you should always check out the comfort level of the safety glasses. If you are not comfortable while wearing the glasses, you can definitely not do any sort of productive work with high efficiency. The comfort is dependent on the design of the glasses as well as ergonomics of its outer stricture. Fit is also an important factor in safety glasses.

The safety glasses need to tightly fit your head so that it does not accidentally fall off while you are working. There are a few options available on our list that will provide an adjustable headband so that you can wear the safety glasses and then adjust the band according to your comfort to get the best fit.


Safety glasses hold the utmost importance if you are a continuous operator or even a DIY enthusiast. While working, you must make sure that your eyes are properly covered from all sides to prevent any unfortunate incidents. Today, we have given you our top picks for the best safety glasses available in the market.

Here, you can read about all of the best options in detail, along with their pros and cons, to make the comparison easier. There is also a buying guide given above that contains the necessary information about safety glasses in general. But, if you are unable to make a choice, you can take a look at our top recommendations below:

  • First, we will recommend Howard Leight Shooting Glasses, Clear Lens (R-03570), as is the most affordable option from our picks. With a 9 base wrap around uni lens, these glasses offer great coverage from all sides. It also has a decent UV protection as well as the lens is an anti-fog lens.
  • Next up, we would like to recommend SolidWork Safety Goggles as a premium option. You can definitely rely on this pair to work for a long time as it has a pretty good build quality. There is also a band available in the back for a comfortable fit.
  • On the other hand, Dewalt safety goggle can be a great option if you want an overall value for money product. It also consists of an elastic headband for better comfort and fit. The Dewalt tough coat hard coated lens will give you great protection against scratches and cracks.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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