The Tiniest LED Matrix You Can’t Get Your Hands On

I love maker projects that involve the use of LEDs. The intersection of art and technology has created a huge range of different visual and auditory experiences from the global community of makers.

While the WS2812 8×8 Neopixel matrix may look like others you’ve seen in the past, but this one is among the smallest size ever at 25*25mm which is about the size of a 50 euro cent coin. It includes solder pad connections for VCC, Ground, Data In and Data Out, and also works with 3.3V or 5V.

Alas, you this is no longer available from the seller. But before the item was retired it had an an option to assemble your own board with plans to add schematics, Gerber File, and a 3D model in the near future. We can hope that in the future this becomes an even more sadistic version of the SMD challenge boards which themselves have a “mysery edition”.

If you can make do with just one color, there is an incredibly dense 16×64 LED matrix available form another Tindie seller.