The Wonders of E-Paper in a Smaller Form Factor

My first experience with E-paper and E-ink was the original Amazon Kindle, but even back then the concept of electronic paper that mimicked the look and feel of the real thing was incredibly interesting. From a reading perspective, it took out the eye strain of reading something on a screen with a backlight, but the possibilities go far beyond that.

This Arduino Micro Compatible E-paper E-ink board takes the technology and shrinks it down to a smaller scale, just 35x45mm with a micro USB port. The board is compatible with EPD and GxEPD libraries, which you can download and add to Arduino. It also ships with the Arduino bootloader installed, meaning you can connect it via USB and start programming right away.

Included in the purchase is the board itself and a 1.54″ two color (black and red) E-paper display. Something to consider is that when you’re working with E-paper displays larger than 2.9″, RAM memory limitations become a factor with the ATMEGA32u4 since this design doesn’t include separate RAM.

Shipping times are longer than normal as well due to COVID-19, but those looking to start working with E-paper will know that a kit like this is well worth the wait.