TwinkleTwinkie’s 2020 SAO Badge Will Make Your Year a Little Brighter

In the badgelife world, SAOs (a tongue-in-cheek name stands for Shitty-Add-On, there are small, artistic, light up circuit boards) are a household name. They come in all shapes and sizes, usually reference jokes or pop culture, and just all around offer a cool way to expand and enhance badges you have.

I’m a little biased here because I personally met TwinkleTwinkie at Supercon 2019 and purchased that year’s Christmas ornament (which is amazing by the way), but all it takes is a pair of eyeballs to see the care and craftsmanship that goes into TwinkleTwinkie designs.

Enjoy those and many others with the SAO Badge 2020, which is the kind of news I like to see in this year of years. This badge is a simple 2 SAO holder with the option to power it via USB C or 2 AA batteries. It has the requisite 2×3 Keyed Female connector for SAO v1.69bis and is compatible with the SAO 2×2 design.

The toggle switch lets you move between USB and battery power, doubling as a power switch when the other is not in use. The attention to detail also comes down to how you show it off. An M4 hole in each corner lets you mount it to something or wear it on your person.

Since many badges don’t support SAOs on their own, this simple design lets you display your add-ons without too much hassle. As a bonus, you can even add on a few SAOs with your purchase on the store page! There are some classics there, so I would recommend grabbing a few on your way to checkout.

Here’s hoping this SAO badge will brighten your day in a year that puts the “S” in SAO. Stay safe everyone!