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Veggie Tales Larry the Cucumber Plastic Canvas Wall Art

Did anyone else grow up watching Veggie Tales?? I didn’t, BUT I have come to know and love this super popular Christian kids TV show. I decided to create a Larry Veggie Tales plastic canvas wall art pattern for you to use! 

Veggie Tales Larry the Cucumber Plastic Canvas Wall Art

I love love love stitching plastic canvas! Who knew that plastic could be so entertaining?? There’s something about it that is so relaxing and calming. The idea that you are making something from nothing is really cool too and it doesn’t hurt that kids REALLY love them. This one specifically was really fun to make! 

To get started, you’ll need some plastic canvas and yarn – once you get the hang of it you’ll be ready to go. I love this brand of plastic here and the sizing works perfectly.

When stitched, all of my patterns measure approx. 20″ give or take, depending on the particular one you chose.

Veggie Tales Larry the Cucumber Plastic Canvas Pattern

Click here to access the pattern, then print. Enjoy!

Ways To Use This Plastic Canvas Wall Decor Hanging:

I really enjoy making these for kids, and there are two main really great ways to use this specific Veggie Tales plastic canvas wall hanging.

Birthday Parties

You can definitely use this wall hanging to host a Veggie Tale themed birthday party for your kids! It isn’t too girly or too boyish, so even hosting a joint party with their friends or siblings makes this super versatile. The fact that it is also a Christian based TV show can give you peace knowing you could be witnessing to others about the Lord.

Play the Veggie Tales theme song in the background or have a favorite episode playing! All the kids will love it. 🙂

Kid Room Decor 

Similar to the birthday party situation, this is a great room theme for your kids who maybe share a room! This would be great to add to kids’ room walls and even playrooms. It’s such a bright, fun, and cheap way to spruce up your home.

I hope you enjoy this fun Larry Veggie Tales plastic canvas wall art pattern! 🙂